IWMA Educational Scholarship

09 April 2020

The IWMA considers that one of its primary functions is to promote new technology, education and growth in our industry. Our conferences and educational seminars provide an international forum for the exchange of technology, regular focused meeting places for the industry and excellent reference sources from our library of past papers. In addition to being the leading trade association in the industry, the IWMA also realises how important it is not to rest on its laurels and keep one eye very firmly on the future.

With that in mind, the IWMA Educational Scholarship provides funding to train an individual supported by a member company. The individual must be an apprentice, student or individual trainee at an institute, training organisation, college, university or other places of research and learning and are committed to the study and future employment in the field of engineering applicable to the wire, cable or wire products industries.

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Conditions of Application to the Award Scheme
  1. All applications, correspondence and documentation shall be conducted in the English language.
  2. The Award Scheme is open to applicants of all nationalities, provided that the conditions contained herein are upheld.
  3. Applications must be submitted using the Application Form supplied by the International Wire & Machinery Association.
  4. Applicants are required to be employed by, sponsored or recommended/introduced by a member company of the International Wire & Machinery Association.
  5. No applications will be considered valid if introduced by an IWMA member who has not paid their membership subscriptions during the year of submitting the application
  6. IWMA members may introduce applications from their employees or other persons known to them as students, apprentices, graduates or personnel employed or involved in research or similar activities confined to the engineering subjects related to the production, processing or development of wire, cable, fibre optics, wire products and materials.
  7. All applications must be supported by a written technical review originated by the applicant describing the field of work or study and the objective of further research, study, learning which the applicant wishes to undertake and for which the award may be made.
  8. All applications must be supported by a statement from the sponsor company (IWMA member) indicating the reasons for recommendation and confirmation that the sponsor will fund the award by an additional 10% of the sums to be awarded by the IWMA.
  9. Payments of the IWMA award will be made directly to the college, university, research establishment, institute or nominated organisation of learning or study and shall be made entirely as an educational support fee during a 2 year period, either as a single payment, or stage payment according to the normal method of paying student or educational fees.
  10. The results of the study period funded by this scheme shall be fully documented and produced by the award winning applicant and available to the IWMA for presentation at it’s conferences or reproduced in its own publications (a copy of the thesis, research report or technical paper will be acceptable).
  11. The award-winning applicant will be required to complete a further document that clearly outlines the terms under which the award is paid and received and the conditions under which the IWMA may receive the technical report of the educational period being funded.
  12. The decisions of the Trustees or any other member of the Educational Trust Fund Council will be considered final and may not be challenged by any other member of the IWMA or applicant as to the amount awarded and under what terms and conditions and to which recipient to the scheme. The financial award may be remitted in alternative currencies equivalent to the sum agreed.
  13. In all matters related to the financial and legal aspects of this scheme and award, the applicant and IWMA agree to elect legal domicile in England and accept that only the jurisdiction of English Law applies.

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