We’ve Rebranded!

17 June 2020

Whilst the world has been on pause tackling a global pandemic here at IWMA we have been working hard, from home, on increasing the benefits to our members through the launch of our new website and visual transformation.

With the first phase of our new website you will be able to navigate seamlessly through our upcoming exhibitions, to find out more about our  50 year history, read the WCN magazine and get in touch with our staff who are here to help in anyway we can.

Coming very soon, in phase 2 of the launch, will be our new members area, alongside our new online booking & payment system and more in depth membership directory.

Why Rebrand?

For an organisation such as IWMA, that is synonymous with progress and innovation, no aspect of the company can sit still or rest on its laurels. With this in mind, the unique service that IWMA provide was not reflected in the IWMA brand. This means more than just the logo but rather the whole personality, both printed and digital collateral as well as the visual look and feel of the organisation. Therefore, this rethinking and reorientation of the whole brand toolkit will not only give greater clarity to the IWMA messaging but provide greater coherence and focus to reinvigorate IWMA internally. This redesign also has the potential to reach new members, which will in turn not only shape the future of just IWMA but the wire and machine industry as a whole.

“We have taken the opportunity to celebrate not only the last 50 years of the IWMA but look to the future and how best to take the IWMA forward to best serve our members and the industry.”
Martin Van Der Zwan, Chairman


The New Logo 

To spearhead this reinvention of IWMA is the new logo. By utilising such a strong and confident wordmark, IWMA can be confident that first impressions of an innovative and progressive industry body are immediately made. The logo employs a bespoke typeface to graphically depict a coiled wire while at the same time illustrate the concept, drawn from work in the branding workshops, that the IWMA provides the environment to connect expertise.

The Core Pallette

The prominent new logo is offset by the bold, yet soft, updated IWMA
colour palette. To enhance the new brand look and feel a subtle selection of colours have been combined to help disrupt expectations regarding traditional wire and industry standards.This palette will also continue to set IWMA apart as the unique organisation it is within the industry.


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