The new co-extrusion-crosshead from Rosendahl

20 September 2019

The most common coating variant for LV power cables, the “tandem extrusion”, is increasingly being replaced by so-called “co-extrusion”. On the one hand, because this production process is more efficient and thus more cost-effective for the manufacturer, and on the other hand because it is becoming inevitable due to the many different extrusion materials.

The new crosshead RX 40 MB 2.1.I from Rosendahl was specially developed for these requirements. It enables the co-extrusion of different material combinations, such as EPDM with PVC. And all with only one crosshead!

Cables, especially for the field of building cabling, have ever thinner and optimized wall thicknesses. These products require a high degree of precision in their manufacturing process. During the development of this new crosshead, Rosendahl made special efforts to ensure that commercially available products can be processed from a diameter of only 3 mm.

The head is also liquid-tempered, which means that, if necessary, very low plastic melt temperatures can be processed. Due to thermally separated material flows, materials with different melt temperatures can be extruded. These properties are particularly important for the production of flame-retardant materials, such as LSOH. Another advantage are the separately heated head zones. As a result, the required production temperature can be controlled even better and constantly monitored during production. This achieves stable process conditions for the entire production time, even with changing processing temperatures.


  • Easier to use due to co-extrusion
  • Material savings thanks to the possible processing of thinner filler wall thicknesses
  • Prevent problems by eliminating an additional intermediate cooling path and cable drying


Product information

Core Diameter 3 – 40 mm
Layer Types Double Layer

Double Layer + Skin or Stripe

Materials PE, PVC, EPDM

Flame-Retardant Polymers

Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH

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