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28 May 2019

An integral part of what The Institute of Spring Technology does is to support the design, production, consultation and accreditation process within the Spring Industry.

To assist this IST have developed a software, Spring Calculator Professional (or SCP for short), that facilitates the creation of even the most challenging spring designs, making it easy and trouble free. This design software has evolved over many years since its creation in 1988 and is widely recognised by industry professionals as the best in the world. This state-of-the-art software allows designers to create designs and validation work throughout the whole of the project, for a range of spring types.

Spring Calculator Professional (SCP) is a super user-friendly software which allows spring characteristics to be quickly imputed. From here the user can make changes to materials, design standards and spring parameters, which is then quickly and automatically evaluated. What the designer gets is a clear overview of a spring that is fit for purpose with the assurance that it is designed correctly. Using this software aids the whole design process saving you valuable time and reduces inevitable human errors. The life of the designed spring at different operating positions can be predicted using fatigue and relaxation data that is based on The Institute of Spring Technology’s own research drawn from many years of experience and testing.

Other key features included in the SCP software are that it provides Goodman diagrams, Load / Length, and other graphical tools to help evaluate the design. In addition, there are options to allow a design to be optimised to fit in with “real-world constraints” such as limited space for the spring when it is integrated into equipment. Graphical and test-based data are available, including engineering drawings. Spring design drawing documentation can be customised with your company name and logo which adds to the professionalism of your design projects. Choosing to use SCP design software can ensure that the spring is designed with the exact and correct tolerances, therefore preventing unnecessary failures. The Institute of Spring Technology have complete confidence in the Spring Calculator Professional Software and that is why it is seen as one of the most popular spring design software in the world – made by the professionals for professionals.

Try before you buy? We are that confident of the Spring Calculator Professional software’s capabilities we offer a fully functioning 14-day demo that is available to download from our website along with a comprehensive overview of The Institutes consultancy services. Visit https://www.ist.org.uk/ to get yours now or for more information please email ist@ist.org.uk.

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