Resounding Success at Our Industry Networking Lunch!

23 February 2024

We’d like to give our sincere thanks to all the incredible attendees and our esteemed presenters who made ourIndustry Networking Lunch at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Manchester Airport on […]

We’d like to give our sincere thanks to all the incredible attendees and our esteemed presenters who made our
Industry Networking Lunch at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Manchester Airport on Wednesday 21st February a
resounding success!

🚀 Key Highlights:
The day was enriched by the invaluable insights shared during an enlightening presentation by
Andrés Cartagena Ruiz of MFL Group on Industrial Troubleshooting with GPT Language Models. Additionally, we were honoured to have Friedrich-Georg Kehrer, Global Portfolio Director Metals and Flow Technologies at Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, deliver an exciting update on the preparations for this
year’s wire and tube trade shows in Düsseldorf. Their expertise and contributions added immense
value to our gathering.

🌟 IWMA Young Employee of the Year Award:
Special congratulations to our Four shortlisted candidates:

Ebony Maher: Forensic Team Leader, Bridon-Bekaert The Ropes Group

Since joining the Bridon-Bekaert Technology Centre in May 2022, Ebony, now a Forensic Team Leader, has shown exceptional dedication, professionalism, and a passion for learning. Her swift progression from a forensic technician to a key contributor in developing innovative techniques showcases her remarkable growth.

Ebony is committed to going above and beyond in ensuring the company’s objectives are met. Her colleagues find inspiration in her quick learning and eagerness to tackle new challenges. In a short time, Ebony has become an invaluable asset to the team at Bridon-Bekaert.

Janelle Gerardi: Senior Product Development Chemist, RichardsApex Inc.

Janelle has showcased exceptional promise as Senior Product Development Chemist at RichardsApex. Her significant contributions in formulating next-gen lubricants and adeptly managing global supply chain challenges highlight her resilience. Janelle’s rise from Chemist to her current role demonstrates her commitment to the organisation’s objectives, collaborating seamlessly with diverse teams, and expanding her scope to support the international business model.

Beyond her official duties, Janelle has absorbed additional responsibilities within the technical team, displaying remarkable coordination amidst complex regulatory environments. Her academic excellence, including a Cum Laude Chemistry Degree, international studies, and industry awards, underscores her dedication to professional development. Janelle’s positive representation of RichardsApex globally positions her as an ambassador for the company and a role model for young professionals in the wire industry.

Rabia Ashfaq: Executive Quality Control – Technical Department, Pakistan Cables Limited

Since joining Pakistan Cables in 2022 Rabia has demonstrated exceptional commitment and innovation in her role.

A graduate in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Rabia’s creation of a Radial Thickness Dashboard has led to efficient data-driven decision-making across production stages and sizes. The tool identifies areas where product quality falls below standards, enhances process efficiency, and serves as a foundation for waste control. Implementing lean methodology, Rabia successfully reduced Radial Thickness (RT) by 3% in 2023, exemplifying her impactful contributions to quality improvement.

Beyond her role, she embodies the organization’s values and actively contributes to addressing gender disparities in STEM fields in Pakistan

– Fabrice Pfefferli: Electronic and SW Engineer, AESA Cortaillod SA

Fabrice is a standout member of AESA’s R&D department due to his exceptional achievements in cable metrology. Notably, Fabrice spearheaded the development of METIS, a groundbreaking scientific software for data cables, now globally integrated into AESA’s measuring instruments.

His expertise also led to the complete redesign of the Dragon electronic board, equipped with new communication protocols, enhancing AESA’s Automated Test Equipment.

Fabrice’s impact extends to signal analysis of Scattering Parameters for category cables, the development of a user-friendly technical support app, mentoring a Bachelor student, and contributing to a government sponsored project alongside a university to develop the next generation of VNA for high data cables. Fabrice actively engages in training peers and customers on new hardware and software, showcasing his commitment to knowledge sharing.

Congratulations to Fabrice Pfefferli, the winner among such remarkable nominees! Your achievements are a testament to the incredible talent in our industry.

📚 Commitment to Education:

Our commitment to fostering young talent within the wire and cable industry continues with great
momentum! We are proud to announce a record number of wire education awardees who will be
joining us in Düsseldorf this year as part of our education program. Stay tuned for the
announcement of the winners, who represent the future leaders of our industry, very soon!
A huge thank you to all once more for contributing to the success of our Industry Networking
Stay tuned for updates on our next IWMA event, the ‘Dinner Dance,’ scheduled for Friday,
November 15th – coming very soon. Next up, we look forward to seeing you all in Düsseldorf!
Fabrice Pfefferli: Electronic and SW Engineer, AESA Cortaillod SA proudly holding his IWMA Young Employee of the Year award. 


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