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09 August 2019

Women continue to be an untapped resource in manufacturing. According to 2018 figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, less than a third of the US workforce in this sector is made up of women. Other countries report similar imbalances.

The benefits of wind energy are mainfold. Wind is a reliable and endless renewable which dramatically cuts carbon emissions. It is creating millions of new jobs across the world and creates an energy independence for those countries relying heavily on imported gas, coal or oil.

Offshore ambition

The UK’s offshore wind industry is still the largest producer of offshore wind energy in the world. Last year it announced its 2030 vision, with the ambition of powering an impressive 30% of all energy in the UK by this date.

Offshore wind is however an expensive business. The Carbon Trust estimates that 80% of insurance claims in this industry are made up of cable-related incidents alone. Cable suppliers are expected to produce the highest-quality cables that can perform well in the harshest of conditions. Achieving this without increasing the costs of production is however no mean feat.

Improving offshore wind productivity

The good news for offshore cable manufacturers is that Cimteq’s CableBuilder and CableMES software suite can significantly increase productivity through streamlinnig process:

  • Supporting cable design including cable length variation to ensure it’s entirely fit for the environment in which it is being used
  • Helping engineers construct a cable cross-section according to the diversity of the offshore wind operator’s requirements
  • Simulating the manufacturing process using rules to determine the lengths, material losses and the number of joints needed. CableBuilder3D provides an additional dimension on construction and performance
  • Monitoring the manufacturing process from start to finish. Every measurement taken is recorded against a point along the length of the cable, including any cuts and repairs. These precise calculations ensure the most accurate final prototype is produced.

The result? Streamlined design and manufacture of fit-for-purpose cables with optimised performance at installation.

Learn more about how Cimteq can power your offshore ambitions: https://cimteq.com/bookdemo

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