Ormiston Wire involved in ambitious art piece at Old Spitfields Market in London

14 June 2019

Old Spitalfields Market is a covered market in the East End of London which has existed for over 350 years.

To celebrate the market’s rich history of silk weaving, 40 illuminated silk moths have been installed in the Trade Market area at Crispin Place. Each ‘silk moth’ has been suspended at varying heights, to give visitors the impression of a large group moving across the market; a symbol of how silk weaving influenced the London East End industry. Each installation piece changes colour throughout the day, mimicking silk moth metamorphosis.

To achieve this ambitious art piece, installers opted to use Catenary Wire from historic supplier Ormiston Wire, in conjunction with the Gripple Dynamic 3, Dynamic 6, C-Clip and Express No. 1.

Installers created a secure, overhead span by running high strength wire rope between two fixing points, which was ideal for the application as there were no direct vertical anchor points available. C-Clips allowed for the suspension to be placed anywhere along the span, due to its innovative twist on/off functionality, with the descending wire then connecting to the moth using a Gripple XP1.

By choosing to use this method of installation, a discreet, floating effect has been achieved to the utmost satifaction of the client, as the silk moths are virtually invisible when lit up and viewed from below. The installer was also able to achieve rapid installation times, thanks to the innovative design of Gripple and Ormiston Wire products working in conjunction.

Ormiston Wire Ltd

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