Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co.KG presents its extended service concept : NIEHOFF LifeCycle+

29 April 2024

Into a high-performance future with NIEHOFF LifeCycle+  Niehoff presents its extended service concept   Niehoff machines are designed to produce precisely, reliably and efficiently – over the long term. To […]

Into a high-performance future with NIEHOFF LifeCycle+ 

Niehoff presents its extended service concept


Niehoff machines are designed to produce precisely, reliably and efficiently – over the long term. To ensure that Niehoff customers can use them in the best possible way, Niehoff provides numerous services over the entire life cycle and has combined these in its new, extended service concept NIEHOFF LifeCycle+. It is based on the four stages START-UP, OPERATE, SUPPORT and MODERNIZE.


START-UP – for a powerful start

The first stage involves the installation of new machines, commissioning and on-site training of the operating personnel.

If Niehoff customers opt for Full Service, Niehoff service technicians take on all tasks from planning and complete assembly to commissioning and a successful first production run. The Niehoff team also ensures that the operating personnel can quickly carry out high-performance machine operation independently.


OPERATE – for maximum safety and efficiency in operation

The second stage deals with the supply of spare and wear parts, the webshop and maintenance. When procuring spare and wear parts, it is important to have quick access to the right parts. Niehoff offers its customers personal advice on the optimum supply and stocking of spare and wear parts. In addition, individual customer advisors help with the targeted search for the right parts. Even more efficient is the smart spare and wear parts supply with the new webshop, which customers can access via their personal login to the myNIEHOFF portal. There, customers can find the right spare or wear part for their machines at any time and can receive a delivery offer directly, including information on availability and delivery times.

Under the supervision of individual maintenance support from Niehoff, customers can have maintenance work carried out by their own specialists. For special requirements, Niehoff service technicians visit customers by appointment to ensure that their machines are producing optimally. With the All-round Carefree Package, customers can also entrust maintenance to Niehoff specialists.

The new NIEHOFF Monitoring solution offers a special additional service. This allows Niehoff specialists to keep an eye on the condition of customer machines at all times and support where necessary. Customers can then concentrate fully on their core business.


SUPPORT – for professional support

Niehoff experts are always on hand to support customers as partners to ensure that all machines work continuously and at maximum performance. Customers can contact the Niehoff service for service matters by e-mail (E-Mail-Support at or by telephone (telephone support). Niehoff’s service specialists naturally also offer remote support via the NIEHOFF ServiceBox and can therefore carry out remote maintenance measures at low cost. TeamViewer sessions are also possible at any time.

If a remote maintenance measure is not sufficient to rectify the fault, service specialists will visit the customer on site. More than 80 service technicians with experience in machine and process technology, distributed internationally across nine Niehoff locations, are ready to intervene quickly.

By upgrading the machines with the NIEHOFF Monitoring solution, the experts also have an overview of the actual condition in real time. This speeds up the localization of the causes of faults.

At this point, Niehoff is now even going one step further: With the new NIEHOFF OutputTune, Niehoff combines its decades of experience in wire and cable production with the real-time data obtained from monitoring and uses it to regularly create  optimization approaches for maximum production performance. This service goes beyond mere machine optimization and also provides recommendations that can be used to improve entire production processes. This enables customers to raise their efficiency to an even higher level. To achieve this, Niehoff specialists analyze data together with the customer and discuss any anomalies and possible improvements.


MODERNIZE – for longer service life

The fourth stage, and thus usually the second phase of the machine’s life, is the modernization phase. This involves the overhaul and modernization of machines. Niehoff offers targeted service measures to update individual components and assemblies of Niehoff machines and lines to the state of the art. As technological development is constantly advancing, such measures can further improve the performance and the energy efficiency and extend service life. This also applies to machines that are already “getting on in years”. Niehoff provides a 24-month warranty on every modernization after the conclusion of an inspection contract.


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