IWMA launches Wire & Cable Industry Young Person of the Year Award 2020

17 September 2019

The IWMA is celebrating its 50th anniversary next year and as part of the celebrations we will be launching the Wire & Cable Industry Young Person of the Year Award.

The award will recognise the effort and abilities of the next generation of talent within the wire and cable industry. Applications will open on Friday 27th September.

“The recipient can be from anywhere within the wire and cable industry, but they must be under 30 and have worked for a member company for at least 12 months” explained Andy Lewis, Executive Manager. A shortlist will be drawn up from the list of applicants, and short listed candidates will be invited to the well established IWMA Industry Lunch in February 2020. At this event the winner – who will be selected by a panel of industry experts – will be announced.

Nominees must show a significant and sustained contribution to their organisation and work colleagues and must be able to show progress in line with their employers business objectives. Short listed candidates are likely to be able to demonstrate a commitment to their company’s objectives above and beyond that normally expected at their level, as well as to their colleagues. They are also expected to demonstrate enthusiasm for their own professional development.

“Winning won’t be easy but we are, after all, looking for the best of the best in an outstanding pool of young talent,” said Andy Lewis “We encourage companies to submit their best and brightest young stars. As well as the prize of £500 there are other benefits for the winner – not least having their companies name promoted in front of hundreds of IWMA member companies all over the world.”

The submission must be filled in by the employees line manager or higher and detail the achievements of the individual in accordance with the given criteria, which will be specified on the application form.  Applications will be on from Friday 11th October and close on Friday 15th November.


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