Increased braiding output, reduced operation costs and perfect cable shielding’s

03 September 2022

The Niehoff braider type BMV 16 and its particular features One of Niehoff´s exhibits on display at the wire 2022 trade fair was the latest version of a 16-carrier vertical […]

The Niehoff braider type BMV 16 and its particular features

One of Niehoff´s exhibits on display at the wire 2022 trade fair was the latest version of a 16-carrier vertical lever arm rotary braiding machine type BMV 16 with an integrated BAS 800 take-up and pay-off unit (Figs. 1 and 2). The braider embodies Niehoff’s exhibition motto “Sustainability and Energy Saving” in an exemplary way: the machine features a number of special properties compared to conventional braiders offering higher output with improved braiding quality and economical energy and material consumption. Considerable time, material and cost savings as well as a long service life are the long-term outcomes.

Three particular features of the braider, namely bobbin rotational speed, homogeneous application of the braiding wire and coverage ratio, are described in particular in the following with focus on the user benefits.

Higher braiding output

The BMV 16 can automatically accelerate the bobbin rotational speed from 175 rpm to a maximum of 200 rpm while keeping constant centrifugal forces. As a result, the braiding output can be increased by approximately 10%! Consequently, it takes the user less time to produce a certain order volume. At the same time, fewer lubrication intervals are required depending on the temperature of the slideway, i.e. less consumption of lubricant and less oil contamination on the braids.

Homogeneous application of the braiding material

Wire Tension Control (WTC) is another novelty presented by Niehoff during the wire 2022. WTC ensures constant tension of the braiding material from full to empty bobbin for perfect mechanical and electrical properties of the braided material such as cables, hoses, etc. (Fig. 3).

Additionally, the process can be monitored and documented throughout the entire braiding process.

Constant coverage ratio

A third innovation was introduced concerning coverage ratio and consumption of the braiding wire associated. As the diameter of a cable entering the braiding machine can vary, the machine setter used to have to preset a higher coverage ratio to output a certain minimum coverage so far, also considering that the cable diameter might vary. The patented Niehoff solution, however, allows for keeping the preset cable coverage ratio constant while applying the specified braiding wire quantity only. This saves up to 10% material or even more.

The outcome: faultless shielding

Thanks to consistent tension of the braiding material and complete optical coverage, the braider generates a faultless shielding over the entire product length. As a result, the shielding attenuation remains stable while the transfer impedance is kept constant – a combination which is gaining importance in more and more applications.

Unattended operation, myNIEHOFF and quality documentation

Several monitoring systems provide for long-term unattended operation without the need for frequent operator intervention. With the myNIEHOFF app machine and process data can be monitored online and in real-time.

Process data such as wire tension and coverage can be documented and presented to customers as part of the in-process quality control.


The BMV 16 rotary braiding machine with integrated BAS 800 take-up and pay-off unit is designed to process bare or plated round or flat wire made from copper, aluminum or stainless steel as well as artificial yarn and fibers.


With its capability of generating faultless braids, the BMV 16 is perfectly suited for the production of data and special cable as well as for use in medical appliances and many customer-specific applications.

The achievements of the new BMV 16 type braider contribute to Niehoff keeping their high reputation as the leading supplier of innovative wire drawing equipment, also in the field of braiding machinery.

Technical data BMV 16

single-wire diameter                              0.02 mm … 0.56 mm *

max. braiding pitch                              3 mm … 120 mm

central passage                                       50 mm

* Cu soft

Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co KG

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