Cimteq Academy opens to learning

11 July 2019

With its 20-year pedigree, the team at Cimteq presents a wealth of knowledge on all things cable and wire manufacture.

This expert knowledge and insight now has a new virtual home. The Cimteq Academy launches today with the aim of supporting skills growth in digital transformation across the cable and wire industry – not only to improve today’s factory environment but to build resilience in the factory of tomorrow.

The Academy includes a wealth of learning materials including:

  • White papers which offer thought leadership from Cimteq and its partners on industry trends such as Industry 4.0
  • Case studies describing how Cimteq products have been successfully implemented across the globe
  • FAQs answering questions on Cimteq, CableBuilder and CableMES functionality and best practice on software implementation
  • Videos on Cimteq in action
  • Elearning courses including a quiz on assessing digital transformation readiness
  • Webinars on subjects that matter most to the cable and wire industry, to be accessed at a time and pace of the viewer’s own convenience

Katy Harrison, Cimteq’s Marketing Manager, explains more:  “Our single objective at Cimteq is to support cable and wire manufacturers in improving their processes and to enjoy all the benefits that brings: namely cost and scrap reduction, an upskilled workforce and more resilience to compete globally. Cimteq software is of course the enabler to make this happen but it is a step change that cannot be achieved in isolation. Equally as important is the transformation in skills and mindsets.

“The Cimteq Academy harvests many years of experience and expertise within our team and we are committed to growing this platform over the coming months to openly share our knowledge. It’s our way of giving back to an industry seeking to learn, transform and excel.”

To learn more about how Cimteq resources can support your work, please email Katy Harrison, Marketing Manager, Cimteq,

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